Saturday, August 4, 2018


"Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces."  (Matthew 7:6)

These days I don't find a lot of time to post on my blog.  It's been over a couple of months since I've posted anything here.  I don't get a lot of opportunity to sit and write at a desktop computer, and I really don't want to be writing and posting items for my blog on my smart phone.  This will be brief, but it's just something I felt I needed to write.

Disclaimer:  This may make some folks really angry.  I expect some to call me a hater or a bigot, and possibly some will "unfriend" me on Facebook.  So be it.  Jesus Christ did not make everyone happy.  His crucifixion is a testimony to that fact.

There's a late night (well technically, it's "early morning") radio program on WBZ Boston (1030 AM) hosted by a guy who calls himself "Bradley Jay".  Bradley Jay is one of those guys who is somewhat like the words of an old nursery rhyme, in that, when he's good, he's very, very good - and when he's bad, he's horrid.  A few programs ago, he was horrid.

I would have called in, but there I was, resting in bed, "half asleep".  I don't want to call in to a radio show in that "half asleep" condition, as you can put yourself in a very vulnerable and undesirable position by doing that!  There are a number of "regulars" who call Bradley Jay's program, including Doug from Ayer (a community in north central Massachusetts).  Doug would probably best be described as a "Fundamentalist".  I probably agree with about ninety percent of Doug's theology, but have problems with about ten percent of it.  Doug is a strong proponent of the "young Earth" theory, for instance.  He believes creation is only a few thousand years old, and I don't believe that.  However, Doug does have a very good handle on the message of the New Testament;  on why Jesus Christ came to this world, on how a person comes into right relationship with God, and so forth.  Bradley Jay likes to argue with Doug and with people like Doug.

Well, a few programs ago, Doug called in.  Bradley proceeded to lecture Doug that God would be much more pleased with Bradley than with Doug because Bradley does good works for the sake of doing good works but Doug serves God for fear of going to Hell.  Honestly, Doug did not handle himself well on that call!  He was no match for Bradley Jay.  Doug even told Bradley Jay that God does bad things but it's O.K because He's God and He does not have to follow the same rules that humanity has to follow.  That's absolutely WRONG!  I felt bad for Doug because Bradley Jay "walked all over him".  I don't know where Doug goes to church, but if I was Doug's pastor, I'd tell him to stop calling Bradley Jay's program.  I'd tell him to live for God and to share with his family and friends about how the Lord Jesus Christ has changed his life, but to not put himself in a position of being verbally torn apart over the airwaves by Bradley Jay.  The Scripture I base that on is the one I opened this blog post with!  Am I calling Bradley Jay "swine"?  Well, Jesus Christ died on the cross for Bradley Jay and Jesus Christ loves Bradley Jay, but in a sense, yes I am calling him that.  When a person runs roughshod over a sincere Believer that is obviously not up to his intellectual level; well what would you call that?!

And, what would I say to Bradley?  He and other callers went on to talk about their beliefs that "good" people go to Heaven.  This is the part that will make some people "unfriend" me.  It's not true that "good" people go to Heaven!  Nobody is good enough to go to Heaven!  Nobody!  Well, to be technical one is good enough to go to Heaven, and that's the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Bible says only perfect people go to Heaven.  That's found in Matthew 5:48 which is a very tough verse to accept!  I'm not perfect!  I've never lived a perfect life for even a day!  Neither have you!  Neither has Bradley Jay!  That's why we need the Lord Jesus Christ!  He is perfect!  He died on the cross, taking our place!  He paid the penalty for our sins!  When we receive Him (John 1:12) His righteousness is counted as our righteousness and because of Him, we are able to go to Heaven - if we receive Him.
That's the message of the Gospel.  It's largely a hated message.  It's hated because it means we have to admit that we don't measure up, and can never measure up.  We have to admit there's nothing in us deserving of Heaven.  No, Doug is not an intellectual giant, and no he didn't do so well on the air the other night, but yes, he has received Jesus Christ as his Personal Savior and Lord, and yes, for that reason Doug will be in Heaven.

That's my two cents on the subject and that's what I was too sleepy to call and tell Bradley Jay the other night (or is it "the other morning"?)!